We’ll be in ESL Pro League S9!

3DMAX have beaten Virtus.pro 2-0 at the ESEA MDL Season 29 Europe Finals to qualify for the ninth season of ESL Pro League Europe (16-12 on Nuke and 16-10 and Dust2).

The best-of-three game took place in Dallas, Texas, USA. Lucas « Lucky » Chastang and Audric « JaCkz » Jug, who have recently joined G2, played for 3DMAX due to this season’s roster lock rules. The match kicked off on Nuke where the T-sided Polish team got off to a good start by taking the first three rounds.

Lucky got a double kill in the fourth round which 3DMAX won after he defused the bomb. The Frenchmen were unable to build a strong economy as they couldn’t go on a streak. They won the eleventh round despite only having pistols and trailed 6-5.

3DMAX clinched the spot over VP

3DMAX ended the first half 9-6 ahead following a five round streak but Virtus.pro won the second pistol as Michał « MICHU »Müller got the first and last kills of the round. Filip « NEO »Kubski & company cut the deficit to only one round after securing an anti-eco but Bryan « Maka » Canda clutched a 1vs2 in the following round to make it 10-8.

MICHU got a triple kill with a Deagle in the next round to give Virtus.pro their ninth. The Poles took the lead but lost five rounds in a row to trail 15-11. Gaëtan « JiNKZ » Jamin’s 1vs2 clutch in the 28th round finished the game 16-12 in favor of 3DMAX.

VP still have a chance to qualify

The series continued on Dust2 where the CT-sided French team picked up the pistol victory thanks to a triple kill by Lucky. Michał « snatchie » Rudzki got a quad kill in the third round to give Virtus.pro their first round. The Poles got within one round of 3DMAX on three different occasions but David « Davidp » Prins’s team managed to finish the half 9-6 ahead.

JiNKZ found himself in a 1vs2 in the second pistol and came out on top to extend his team’s lead to 10-6. 3DMAX were close to making it 12-7 but Jarosław « pashaBiceps » Jarząbkowski and Piotr « morelz » Taterka won a 2vs5, making it 11-8. Davidp and JiNKZ returned the favor in the 23rd round when they won a 2vs5 (13-10).

3DMAX finished off the map with a 16-10 scoreline, winning the series 2-0 and booking their place in ESL Pro League Season 9 Europe. Virtus.pro will battle AGO, Kinguin, and OpTic at the EPL Season 8 Europe Relegation to claim one of the remaining two spots at EPL Season 9.

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